Microsoft ‘Surface Pro 5’ release date, news and update: tablet arriving early 2017?


Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date, news and update: tablet arriving early 2017? : Microsoft is keen on releasing any updates about the launch of its devices, but despite the technology giant’s silence on the Surface Pro 5, recent reports suggest that the highly anticipated tablet may come sometime 2017.

Rumor has it that the next Surface Pro will come sometime early 2017 since it wasn’t unveiled in October. Though Microsoft held an event last month, the Surface Pro 5 was left out of the announcements which left some consumers disappointed. However, despite there being no news, it seems that the company is still preparing for the launch of the upcoming tablet.

It is now believed that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will be released after the Redstone 2 – the next Windows 10 update – is launched. The Redstone 2 is believed to arrive spring 2017 so fans can expect the next Surface Pro to potentially be out soon after the Windows 10 update rolls out.

As for the tablet’s specs, it is expected that it will be powered by the Kaby Lake chipsets from Intel. Microsoft has not yet addressed the rumors but since Apple did not unveil a Kaby Lake MacBook, it would be a great time to see Microsoft with a new device that runs the famous chipset.

It is further speculated that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will feature a Surface Pen that has a rechargeable battery, which is an amazing upgrade from the previous Pens which were all working through non-rechargeable batteries.

Consumers have previously complained about the Pro 4’s USB 3.0 port and it appears that Microsoft is heeding the advice of fans. It is said that the Surface Pro 5 will feature a USB-C port, which will finally address the charging issues that consumers are having problems with.

Microsoft has yet to unveil the Surface Pro 5 but experts believe that the tablet will feature upgrades in its cameras as well as the latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth developments. For now, fans can only wait for further announcements before taking any speculations seriously. Source: ecumenicalsnews