6 Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Features To Expect


6 Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Features To Expect : Probably one of the most highly anticipated product to come from Microsoft is the Surface Pro 5. The tablet was initially rumored to be unveiled last October during Microsoft’s Surface Event. However, the software giant introduced new products but none on the Surface Pro 5.

Now, rumors are rife that the release will be early next year, possible during the Mobile World Congress in Spain. In preparation to the said release, TheBitbag has come up with a list of things to expect from Microsoft’s Surface Pro 5.

Intel i7 Kaby Lake

Almost everyone knows this one. The main reason why Microsoft delayed the release of the Surface Pro 5 is due to the processor’s unavailability. To date, Intel is still busy at work manufacturing its next generation Kaby Lake processors. Consumers can expect next year’s Surface Pro device to sport the latest processor from Intel.

Windows 10 Redstone 2 or Android OS

Another thing worth mentioning about the delay of the Surface Pro 5 is the operating system itself. According to earlier reports, Microsoft is still working on the latest Windows 10 update, the Windows 10 Redstone 2. The Surface Pro 5 will be featuring this updated version of Windows 10 on its release.

The Surface Pro 5 is also rumored to come with another variant, this one running an Android OS. Although unheard of, this will probably be one of the major selling point of the tablet.

The ability to run Android OS will open up a plethora of new features not present on the current devices. Based on the patents filed by Microsoft, it would seem that the company is working on a new design for the Surface Pen.