Alien News 2016: Two UFOs Seen Flying Over Liverpool?


Alien News 2016: Two UFOs Seen Flying Over Liverpool? : Two balloon-like UFOs (unidentified flying objects) were spotted flying over Liverpool, England on Saturday at 4 PM. The UFOs were caught on camera by 33-year-old Carl Nichols, who works for Enchanted LifePath TV Alternative News & Media.

“I was looking out of the window and I could see an object, I thought it was a balloon but then I could see another one next to it they were flying in tandem”, said Nichols. “I grabbed my camera and jumped out of the window to get the footage.”

The video shows that the objects, speculated to be of alien origin, are flying parallel to one another. Residents were confused by the incident. As of now, no one can explain the sighting.

Alien investigators point out that they also do not know what the objects are. However, there have been speculations that the UFOs are simply drones. However, this theory was immediately ruled out. Last week, alien hunters believe that a UFO has been captured on video by the International Space Station.

The ISS video feed was actually showing magnificent views of the Earth before it was cut off after the alleged alien spacecraft was spotted. The footage can be seen on YouTube. Earlier this month, a supermoon observer in Arizona claims that he saw two UFOs passing by the moon. He also uploaded the footage online.

“While taking a video of the Supermoon with NexStar 6se telescope, UFOs do a fly by,” the cameraman explained. “Camera was a Sony CX500V HandyCam HD, 5X optical zoom, manual focus at .9m, maxview 40 lens for a 38X telescope magnification,” says the cameraman of the video upload by the Rondomon YouTube channel.

“After zooming in on the moon, I walk away and sure enough, UFOs start flying by. The UFOs appear to have distortion surrounding them, perhaps bending light.” Source: australianetworknews