The Apple MacBook Pro Versus The Microsoft Surface Book


The Apple MacBook Pro Versus The Microsoft Surface Book : Late last month, Microsoft fired a shot across Apple’s bow. With the Surface Studio and Dial and an updated Surface Book, Microsoft made clear its plans to woo Apple’s old core audience of creative professionals – a group Apple has seemingly forgotten in favour of a more mainstream target.

Apple fired back with the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro, but unfortunately, the OLED touchscreen that replaces the function keys feels more like a gimmick than a game changer. Has Apple lost its old base?

Though both laptops go for over $2000, a peek under the hood of both Apple and Microsoft’s laptops tells the real story: When it comes to a mobile workhorse, at least, Apple still reigns supreme.

The top model Surface Book, just updated with a new processor, video card and improved battery life, seems like a creative’s dream. As with last year’s model, the new Surface Book is a revolutionary piece of hardware. The super responsive touchscreen display holds most of the device’s guts so it can be detached and used like a tablet, making illustration and image manipulation easier.

Microsoft’s portable will also work with the company’s new Dial, which could become a fantastic tool for anyone who needs to quickly control settings – such as video editors or CAD designers.