Apple Watch Series 1: Few Specs But Great In Value


Apple Watch Series 1: Few Specs But Great In Value : It was easy to miss some announcements in Apple’s barrage of bulletins in the past this month, but the Apple Watch Series 1 is without a doubt a specific product from the (now-extinct) 1st-generation Apple Watch. Here are some things we should know.

The Apple Watch Series 1: Specs And Features

One way to seem to be at the Apple Watch Series 1 is that it is the O.G. Apple Watch (from early 2015) with a dual core processor. Another way to seem at it is that it’s the new Series 2 Apple Watch besides GPS, 50-m water resistance, a super-bright display or steel/ceramic options, and with a barely thinner build.

No count what perspective you slice it from, Series 1 is Apple’s familiar “$100-cheaper/last year’s model” variant from its other product lines, utilized to the Apple Watch.

Only with the admission that the original’s single-core processor wasn’t reducing it. Molasses-slow app-load instances begone: This infant is exceedingly zippier than the 1st-gen Watch.

There’s little to say about the Series 1 Apple Watch that we haven’t already said when protecting the different models, but we do think this one would possibly hit a sweet spot for loads of customers.

Running both $269 (38 mm) or $299 (42 mm) its pricing is more in line with its first-class Android-based rivals, like the Huawei Watch and Moto 360. And unless you are clearly involved in monitoring your place or seeing how many calories you burn in your 200-m breaststroke, you truly do not leave out a lot compared to Series 2.

The Apple Watch Series 1: Verdict

If you are in the market for an Apple Watch, then we advocate going with the Series 1 model – unless you are really aiming for the Series 2. Meaning you have a dire want for stainless steel or ceramic, GPS, a super-bright display screen or full water resistance (keeping in thinking Series 1 is nevertheless rated for immersion in 1 m of water for 30 minutes). Moreover, the Series 1 Apple Watch has a solid performance, with fewer specs but a better buy after all. Source: iTechpost