iOS 10 jailbreak latest rumors: New security breach proves hackers sleeping on potential Apple crack


iOS 10 jailbreak latest rumors: New security breach proves hackers sleeping on potential Apple crack : iOS 10 has been hit with various problems and now a new security issue has been brought out in the open. The flaw involves Siri on lock screen mode which may eventually become a gateway for attackers.

The Siri problem is the latest security breach that Apple has to deal with, something that could leave device owners in a pretty compromising situation. It all starts when someone asks Siri the question “Who Am I” and the virtual assistant will show the information of the actual device complete with the phone number.

The problem starts when attackers get hold of the number. All they need to do is use FaceTime the phone. When the call is ignored, a simple tap on the Messages icon and activate VoiceOver by asking Siri to activate it.

From there, attackers can simply key in a single character/ letter and access to contacts can be achieved. The possibilities include access to photos though the addition of new contacts and most likely more.

As a precaution, the best way to avoid this problem is to turn off Siri when devices are screen locked. This can be done by heading over to the phone’s Passcode Lock feature located under Settings – General, ZDNet reported. Simply slide the Siri option off until Apple is able to come up with a fix for this exploit.

Apple has yet to address this problem but the obvious is a new patch rolling out soon. As far as iOS 10 jailbreakers are concerned, it is another mystery that has been overlooked.

Pangu will reportedly come up with an iOS 10 crack though they are waiting for Apple to release iOS 10.2 which is in the third beta, 9to5Mac reported. Some individuals have shown off through videos their accomplishments but have not made their jailbreaks public.

Given the scenarios, it begs to ask why Pangu and other hacking groups have not come out with one since the early coming of the iOS 10. It has been plagued with compatibility and security issues and their inability to break the Apple code has left many puzzled. Source: yibada