Nasa And Russia Are Afraid Of Going To The Moon Because Of ‘Alien Bases’


Nasa And Russia Are Afraid Of Going To The Moon Because Of Alien Bases : It isn’t well known that the Governments have been covering up the fact the aliens have bases on the moon.From well known respected scientists, Astronauts, and military personal we gain a pretty define perspective on this subject. According to Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, two massive alien spacecraft were waiting there to greet him as he and the Apollo 11 Lunar Module touched down on the moon’s surface in July 1969.

According to several sources, colour movie footage of the alien craft was shot by Armstrong’s companion, Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon. These same sources claim the CIA took charge of the footage on Apollo 11’s return to earth. Even Armstrong himself is reported to have been silenced on the matter, though naturally he has always publicly denied this.

NASA, Russia, and the world’s top space players have shifted their focus to Mars. The moon may have been the focal point of the first space race, but it seems our lunar friend has been all but forgotten these days. Some think there is simply nothing left to explore up there, however, a strong theory suggests space agencies are avoiding it due to alien bases.

The U.S. space agency may not plan to build a lunar base anytime soon, but apparent, Russia will build one by the 2030’s. If it’s true that aliens exist up there, what exactly is the Russian intention? Either they are undeniable of any possible life forms up there or they plan to conquer the lunar beings and claim their infrastructure as their own.

In the Western World the United States Airforce (USAF) sponsored Project Bluebook to collect UFO reports and debunk them as known phenomena such as misidentifications of stars, meteors or aircraft. In China any information about UFOs was suppressed so when they had the opportunity they were keen to study the subject scientifically and find out as much as possible.