Large fleet of UFOs seen departing from Moon, alien enthusiast claims


Large fleet of UFOs seen departing from Moon, alien enthusiast claims : As we Earthlings are mulling over re-initiating our manned missions to Moon and beginning a new chapter in Space travel by sending humans to Mars for the first time, we have reports that aliens are already on the Moon and making trips regularly to and from Earth’s natural satellite.

These claims have been made by a YouTuber Geri Vigil through a video where it has been shown that tens of UFOs are leaving the moon’s surface. The video commentary itself points out in the beginning that the sightings could be optical illusion of some kind, but it is leaving that to the viewers to decide on what it actually is and how do they want to take it.

While the video could be interesting for many, it is the comments as well that call for a quick reading. There are mixed reactions with some falling in the believers category, some falling in the sceptics line while the remaining being sarcastic.

Many are claiming that this is because of the dust that may have been gathered on one of these: window or camera lense or the lense on the telescope using which the whole thing was shot.

There’s one comment that adds Planet X in the mix as well. It reads: “Wow wonder why they’re leaving like that ….. Never saw so many before …… Maybe they know something’s up …… Planet X maybe ? Too bad we don’t have ships like that …… We can all leave ………………..”