7 Secret Alien Bases On Earth You Won’T Believe Exist


7 Secret Alien Bases On Earth You Won’T Believe Exist : Aliens, UFO’s & many other sightings have been noticed in the world but then why never explored? Isn’t anyone interested? No, there are some secret alien bases working out you may not know. We have found such 7 secret alien bases. How much fiction / real, better you decide.

1. Porton Down

Porton down base in Wiltshire, England, was formed during World War I, it’s main purpose in those days was to develop gas mask technology. But the main reason for it’s reputation comes from years of cold wars. It is said that in those days Porton down was administering LSD, in an effort to develop mind control and interrogation techniques.

Human experimentation was also done which resulted to one death. They used VX and sarin, and the endotoxin pyrexal in their experiments. After which it gained it’s name as a secret alien base.

2. Area 51

There is still a confusion with Area 51 that it has nothing to do with Roswell, NM or the alleged 1947 saucer crash. It was said that dead aliens in those crashes had been brought there but it is said that it was mainly developed for the super-secret A-12 and SR-71 Renaissance planes.

But no one discusses the realty what happens there & we will never get to know as it’s safely hidden behind off-limits mountains. There are lot more chances that it’s a alien base but as mentioned it’s really tough to confirm.

3. Dulce Base

Dulce base, about 4-5km from city of Dulce, NM has been featured in a number of television shows, UFO websites and novels as a secret underground alien base but there is no evidence of it’s existence. It is said to be a joint operation between aliens and the US military.

A person named Paul Bennewitz believed he was receiving radio transmissions from underneath the mesa in the 1970s which was confirmed by another enthusisast Phil Schneider. He also claimed of population of 18,000 aliens over there, and horrible experiments been conducted on them. But according to the study of Google Earth images there’s nothing there at all as elaborated by by Schneider. It’s really tough to decide who’s actually true.