First Siberia, Now Japan: Green Fireballs Raining Down on Earth


First Siberia, Now Japan: Green Fireballs Raining Down on Earth : Imagine seeing a what appears to be a glowing green sequence of fireballs lighting up the sky, not just at night but during the day. Well, this was reported as happening in the area of Russia known as Siberia on October 25th. Many in the area individuals living in the area took to online social media platforms to post images on the unusual looking thing that came into their sky.

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There were those who also spoke of how the event not only left them feeling baffled but a bit fearful, with good reason. After all, some years back areas of Russia were hit by comets from outer space. So some wondered if this was more comets, an asteroid or even a comet coming toward them.

But as mysteriously as the event occurred it seem to disappear and life went on as usual. That is till about a week later in Japan on October 31st when the same glowing green fireball pattern was seen again illuminating through the sky in that area as well. Again, social media became ablaze with individuals posting images of what they saw. Only this time many were quick to dismiss the possibility of something such as a meteor or comet.

Some started to wonder if this was further proof of the fact that we are being visited by beings from another planet. One individual came to Twitter to say that maybe this was a sort of plasma ball that was launched by being known as Gamera.

Who is Gamera a being that can only be described as looking like the monster Godzilla which of course was a menace to Japan in many a classic film, no doubt making light of the situation? However, those who have seen the glowing fireball don’t find too much to laugh about.

But are willing to consider the possibility, that maybe this is a sign that we indeed aren’t alone. So, what have officials said regarding these sightings? Well, one report that has been given to the public from NAO which stands for the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan was that this could be a piece of the Taurid meteor that tore apart due to friction while entering the atmosphere.

But some aren’t buying this explanation and say that the pattern of the green fireball didn’t match the same path of the Taurid Meteor shower has taken. So, whatever caused the green fireball remains shrouded in mystery, but many seem eager to give their explanation as to what this truly was. Source: disclose