The 12 Most Ridiculous Windows Errors of All Time


The 12 Most Ridiculous Windows Errors of All Time : Computers and humans are so different. While computers are infinitely faster at processing information, they run into trouble if they try to stray from their course. These “fast idiots” contrast to people, who can’t think as fast as machines but can adapt much more easily.

These relations have produced some hilarious situations where novice users failed to grasp the basics of using Windows. On the other side of this are error messages. When a computer runs into an unexpected scenario, it usually throws up a message box for the user to review.

While these can provide information about real issues, a lot of the time they’re paradoxical, funny, or just plain stupid. Let’s enjoy a look at some of the silliest and stupidest error messages that Windows has produced.

1. The Internet Has More Users Than Just You

Anyone who’s used the internet for more than five minutes knows that most activity online isn’t private. That doesn’t stop internet Explorer (IE) from pointing out the obvious, though:

This error typically pops up upon a new IE installation. You’ll usually see it when searching Google or Bing for the first time. As it kindly points out, when you put something online, some other user, somewhere, might be able to see it. Imagine that! Thankfully, you can check the Don’t show me this message box and IE will spare you the reminder in the future.

This error might have been more fitting in the early days of the internet, but it continues to lurk around in IE nowadays. It’s still important to stay secure online, so be sure to review the guide to avoiding internet surveillance.

2. Windows Error Reporting Will Report an Error

Whenever a program crashes in Windows, it usually asks you to submit an error report so that you can pretend that Microsoft is looking for a solution to your exact problem. However, what happens when the error report runs into an error?

So now, the program reporting the error has hit an error, but don’t worry. Windows will let you know if a solution pops up. How it will reach that solution is unknown, though, since an error is preventing it from finding that solution. Hopefully we don’t hit another error.

3. This Might Take a While

Whenever you move some files, Windows provides a helpful dialogue box to estimate how long the transfer will take. Sometimes, it’s not exactly accurate.

Don’t worry, your gigabyte and a half of data will be all moved in just over 127 years. Hopefully you’ve designated a successor to oversee its completion, although it’s more likely that the operating system will just stop working before then. More likely even, Windows will interrupt it with an update and restart.