Aliens, Humanity And The Whole Universe Will Be Wiped Out By An Apocalyptic Asteroid — Stephen Hawking Warns


Aliens, Humanity And The Whole Universe Will Be Wiped Out By An Apocalyptic Asteroid — Stephen Hawking Warns : Stephen Hawkings previously said that the human species have only a thousand years left to move to another planet. Now, the current reports show that an asteroid will cause a total wipe out of both humans and aliens.

Apocalypse asteroids are threatening to finish all the living civilization, Stephen Hawking issued this warning. The physicist mentioned that space rocks are a threat to humanity, aliens and other existing civilization found in the universe.

According to The Sun, Professor Stephen Hawking said that “One of the major threats to intelligent life in our universe is a high probability of an asteroid colliding with inhabited planets.” Also, a video from Asteroid Day is a wake-up call to humanity. It urges scientists, public and politicians to seriously face the threat.

Patrick Michel, an astronomer, also said that the solar system is full of gigantic space rocks, some of which can even reach up to more than 1 kilometer in size. He added that “We are tracking the movements of about 90 percent of these asteroids, which would wipe out humanity if they plowed into Earth.” It means that the massive amount of space rocks has the possibility to crash course with the planet Earth, according to

Not only the gigantic objects are posing threats to the whole civilization but Michel also said that “We only know about 15 or 20 percent of the objects which are larger than a few hundred meters in size.If these bodies impact Earth, they can cause regional damage across a whole country or even a continent.”

Meanwhile, as the scientists want to protect the universe, they have found several ways on how to attack these asteroids. The first proposed way involves “gravity tractor.” The idea is to build a spaceship designed to tug the rock onto a new path using its own gravitational pull. As for the other ideas, it involves blowing the asteroids with a nuke.

However, the experts have to find more ways. As they are worried that the particles of the asteroids will still affect humanity as it will rain down to the planet Earth and carries radioactive rock fragments. Source: scienceworldreport