Apple’s iPhone 8 Might Not Be Designed by Jony Ive


Apple’s iPhone 8 Might Not Be Designed by Jony Ive : Jony Ive was the man to blame for every little design annoyance on the latest iPhone models, but starting with the next year version, you might have to look for someone else to criticize if something doesn’t work exactly as you expected.

Ive is reportedly less involved in the iPhone design process these days, as he’s more focused on other projects at the Cupertino company, including the new spaceship campus. Apple watcher and writer Jason Snell revealed during John Gruber’s “The Talk Show” podcast that Jony Ive is no longer directly involved in product design, as the focus is now architecture.

“I’ve heard that he has lately been checked out or not as directly involved with product design and that he’s been largely focused on architecture,” Snell said. “Meaning the spaceship campus and the new stores. And that maybe the other top-level executive who’s been working the most with Ive is Angela Arhendts.”

Anniversary iPhone without Ive’s touch?

Does this mean that the iPhone 8, or whatever the next model will be called, will no longer be the creation of Jony Ive? Possibly, and Gruber said during the podcast that Ive’s involvement in the designing team is just spiritual at the time being.

Surprisingly, news of Ive becoming less involved in iPhone design comes at a time when more sources point to major changes on the next-generation model. The 2017 iPhone marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, so it’s definitely unexpected to see the leading designer at Apple switching focus to different projects.

Rumor has it that the iPhone 8 could come with an all-glass body and metal frame, with Apple also exploring ways to eliminate bezels and introduce OLED screens. Furthermore, there is speculation claiming that the display could incorporate all front-facing parts, such as the FaceTime camera and the Home button, and if this is the case, a truly flawless design is absolutely needed.

Of course, this is just speculation for the time being, but as with everything Apple, do not expect a confirmation anytime soon. Source: softpedia