End of the World 2017: Putin Starts World War 3 Before Aliens Conquer Earth?


End of the World 2017: Putin Starts World War 3 Before Aliens Conquer Earth? : End of the World 2017 newest prophecy details the possible demise of the human race. A doomsday prophet claimed he has decoded prophecies that he has found in the Bible’s book of Revelation and prophecies of the famous seer Nostradamus.

A doomsday prophet from Youtube named Psychic T. Chase predicted that Jesus’ second coming will come with the invasion of the extra-terrestrial intervening the next hypothetical World War III.

The conspiracy theorist stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin will launch a missile that would initiate the start of World War 3 by 2017. Chase added that epidemic diseases will spread leading to more deaths. His prediction stated that from 2016-2017, giant volcanoes will erupt to cause an earthquake with a magnitude 9 around the world.

His decoded prophecy from the book of Revelation and Nostradamus’ books claimed that an economic chaos will emanate. This high-scale event is caused by the advancement in technology that is used for destruction and could make the world uninhabitable.

The psychic assured his viewers that Jesus and his army of aliens would defeat Putin. After the war, humans will live in the underground or in space. Jesus would define humans to be more peaceful and a new era of everlasting peace will rise.

Even from the Catholic Church’s teaching, Our Lady of Fatima in 1917 predicted a period of peace after all the devastation. T. Chase said that the world will be experiencing his predictions by 2017. He believes that the end of the world 2017 is coming near.

Psychic T. Chase is one of the many conspiracy theorists out there claiming that they have decoded the Biblical prophecy or Nostradamus’ prophecy. Whether this is true or not, scientists have revealed the fact that the world will someday end when the earth reaches the black hole. The Bible also revealed on Revelation 6:12 that ‘the sun will be darkened’ when the end has come.

Although humanity’s demise is a fact to be considered, it must be noted that Chase’s predictions must be taken with a grain of salt. As of now, science has provided no evidence on extraterrestrial life forms. Aside from prophecies about the end of the world, the Bible also stated that the world is full of false prophets, deluded visionaries, fraudsters, maniacs, and fanatics. Source: morningledger