Microsoft Will Drop Surface Phone Bomb Next April: Rumors and Specs


Microsoft Will Drop Surface Phone Bomb Next April: Rumors and Specs : Microsoft Corporation is said to building a new Windows 10 Mobile-powered smartphone, dubbed the Surface Phone. The company is quiet about the Surface Phone, which has made fans and tech world very excited. The new Microsoft phone is rumored replace the iPhone as a smartphone superstar.

Microsoft has neither confirmed nor denied any of the rumors spreading about the Surface Phone. According to reports, the software behemoth is likely to unveil the three models of the Phone in early next year.

Rumors suggest that the Surface Phone will target business and corporate users. The phone is expected to be a big product for the company and might change its fate in the smartphone market, being dominated by Apple and Samsung. Let’s take a look the latest rumors surrounding the Surface Phone.

Microsoft Surface Phone

Microsoft Surface Phone

Microsoft Surface Phone Rumors

Microsoft Corporation is said to release three version of the Surface Phone in 2017. The Surface smartphone line up will include a consumer model, a business model, and an enthusiast edition. The base model will come with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, while a mid-range getting 6GB RAM and 128GB storage.

Rumors suggest that the smartphone will sport a 20 megapixel rear camera with a Carl Zeiss lens. The phone will be powered by a Kaby Lake processor. The device will come with Windows 10 Redstone operating system.

According to the reports, the Phone will come with a pen and a removable keyboard. Those accessories will make professionals and business users more productive. The Surface Pen will offer more precise and accurate input method, while the removable keyboard will be used for all the long typing sessions.

The Phone is expected to come with a unique fingerprint sensor. Citing Microsoft’s latest patent filing, reports suggested that the company is planning to integrate a fingerprint sensor on the phone’s display.