Nintendo Switch News: 5 Games The Console Must Revive


Nintendo Switch News: 5 Games The Console Must Revive : It is true that Nintendo is coming back to the gaming world with the help of Switch. The fans are wishing for old gaming franchise to be playable in the gaming console. However, it is not sure whether the Japanese gaming company will apply their requests. Here are the top five games waiting to be included in the console.

Star Fox’ Comeback Through Nintendo Switch

According to Slash Gear, one of the most enjoyed game is Star Fox. The fans were really into the game before it met its demise. There are people saying that the game is one of the most unappreciated franchises in the gaming world.

Star Fox franchise is right for Nintendo Switch since the game does not need any promotions in order to be played. The fans of the franchise are still hoping that the company will make a possible comeback for one of their most cherished game.

Why Metroid Needs To Be On Switch?

Metroid is one of the best action-adventure games by Nintendo. However, players were quite shocked when the developer discontinued the game. Some fans are commenting that the franchise is well-crafted and can give the players the satisfaction of playing such kind of game.

One of the installments of the franchise that is Metroid Prime is one of the best first-person shooters. Some have even said that new generation players will still appreciate it, even though it is in 2D. The fans will love to play the franchise in Switch.

Why Fans Are Wishing For F- Zero?

One of the most popular racing game in the early 2000s is F-Zero. But why are fans wishing for a revamped game in Nintendo Switch? The franchise is said to be the coolest racing game that the company forgot to develop further.

Also, F-Zero is better to be played on Nintendo Switch. This will give the newbies the chance to experience why the game is said to be an amazing racing game. Besides, it is not reasonable that Nintendo stopped the production of the game. With this game and Mario Kart as part of the console, sales are expected to skyrocket.