The ‘Nintendo Switch’ Release Got Its Timing Wrong, But Why?


The ‘Nintendo Switch’ Release Got Its Timing Wrong, But Why? : A lot of gamers love to see the potential on any console, and Nintendo’s new hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch, has plenty of potentials to show. Being a single system that handles both at home and on-the-go gaming will always be a dream machine for a lot of gamers.

Plus, with a lot more traditional controls and fewer nonsense gimmicks, the Switch hardware might greatly help Nintendo’s stellar first-party games shine once more.

Nintendo’s disappointments

But gamers should know better than to get so excited about Nintendo’s upcoming console so quickly. As anyone can recall, the company’s recent track record isn’t as stellar. The Nintendo Wii was popular beyond hardcore gamers, but its motion controls didn’t really support a truly great game experience.

The Wii U was even more disappointing, to say the least among many of Nintendo fans, and the Virtual Console has totally failed to meet expectations for digital retro releases.

These recent failures have risen too many questions for Nintendo to just simply show us an innovative concept of a console and just leave the rest to faith.

The Switch will be different

Based on the Switch’s trailer, Nintendo has totally learned from its mistakes on the Wii and Wii U. The Switch has several new features that its predecessor’s completely lacked, namely conventionally modern controls that any gamer will immediately feel comfortable with using.