Can Nintendo Surpass Sony And Microsoft? Company’s Next Move For 2018 Unveiled


Can Nintendo Surpass Sony And Microsoft? Company’s Next Move For 2018 Unveiled : To be saying that Niantic’s first year as a fully-independent company was special would be hugely underselling it. In October 2015, the firm separated itself from tech giant Google, where it had been running as one of the company’s start-ups.

The following July 2017, Niantic officially released Pokémon GO. The title has brought the much-loved Pokémon franchise to mobile devices, which is owned by most people these days. Niantic purposely made it free-to-play for everyone to be able to play it.

Pokémon GO’s impact

Pokémon GO went on to having roughly 44 million active users at its very peak, which helped propel Nintendo shares to soar high – before the company told shareholders it wasn’t responsible for the game. Pokémon GO dominated headlines and pop culture and, for a brief period, altered how society functioned.

The game’s effects were felt more than the game itself. The game helped UK sales for Nintendo’s 3DS console rising by over 200% in its very first week.

Niantic was expecting Pokémon GO would be this massive

“We had some really good early predictions for the game’s demand, or at least the appeal, of the game when we did announce it in September 2015 in Tokyo with our CEO John Hanke, Mr. Ishihara from The Pokémon Company, Miyamoto-san from Nintendo and Masuda-san from Game Freak,” Niantic CMO Mike Quigley said.

More from Quigley

“We saw the initial reactions, which was pretty positive. Along with that, we also released the concept trailer. The fan reaction to that, from both the active Pokémon player, the lapsed Pokémon fan, the Ingress players and broader gamers at large was really good, to say the least, so that was one early initial sign that we thought we might have something special in store here.