HP Elite x3 review: The closest thing to one device for all of your needs


HP Elite x3 review: The closest thing to one device for all of your needs : HP’s Elite x3 was among the most anticipated Windows phones of 2016. With a large 5.96-inch QHD AMOLED display and a Snapdragon 820 chipset, fans of Microsoft’s mobile platform finally felt like they had something to look forward to after the handset was announced in February at Mobile World Congress.

There’s just one problem: the Elite x3 is aimed at businesses. Anyone can buy one, but you’re not going to find consumer features on this device, such as the Pureview camera on a Lumia or the VR headset that comes with the Alcatel IDOL 4S.

HP calls it a 3-in-1, in that it’s meant to serve as your one computing device, which can replace your phone, laptop, and desktop PC, and to test this, I used it as my only device for an entire week. As it turns out, it’s definitely possible, but not optimal, but we’ll come back to that.


HP Elite X3 Specs

HP Elite X3 Specs

Day one

Coming out of the box, the HP Elite x3 was a powerful and beautiful Windows phone, but it wasn’t until I received a monitor from the company, as well as other peripherals that I got to see what it could do.

One thing that was clear was that this handset could be a suitable replacement for a Nokia Lumia 1520. It has the same type of feel with its large display, large keyboard, and, well, large everything. But as mentioned earlier, the camera won’t be quite as good.