Hybrid-Electric Peugeot 308 R Hot Hatch to Rival Ford Focus RS


Hybrid-Electric Peugeot 308 R Hot Hatch to Rival Ford Focus RS : The performance model is supposed to sit on top of the Peugeot line. Peugeot is working on the new hybrid electric car in order to rival Ford’s models. The hybrid electric Peugeot 308 R will be specially launched to rival the Ford Focus RS.

Hybrid Peugeot 308 R mega-hatch will thus become the top of the line model in the lineup of electric hybrid cars and will take the place of RCZ coupe.

Jean Philippe of Peugeot spoke to AutoCar said that they would love to launch something faster than that of 308 GTi hot hatch.

When it was asked if there was any space above the GTi 308, he said that there is definitely space for a new vehicle. He said that he doesn’t have plan in motion right now but he is certainly working on the concept.

He said that the company has an important place in racing events such as Dakar. He also pressed that they don’t want to lose their position in the racing cars.

Thus a new car will surely be a need to fill in the gap. He said that Peugeot won’t be developing an RCZ replacement. He said that they have something that is best in performance in each range such as 308 and 208.

The concept that is being called the 308R can be a pure petrol engine vehicle. It is more likely to use the same powertrain that is offered in 308 R Hybrid concept.

The concept was revealed in Shanghai motor show last year. The car has a power of 493bhp with a petrol hybrid powertrain. This engine provides the response of 0-62mph in 4 seconds. This is 2 seconds faster than that of Ford Focus RS. Source: i4u