Microsoft Surface Phone and Surface Pro 5 Release Date Nears: Rumors


Microsoft Surface Phone and Surface Pro 5 Release Date Nears: Rumors : Microsoft Corporation could be launching the Surface Phone and the Surface Pro 5 together early next year, according to recent reports. The tech giant regained some of it’s leadership in the market, and if these reports are found to be true, then it could have a very successful 2017, says a report from IB Times.

Surface Phone and Surface Pro 5 coming together

Microsoft Corporation fans have been waiting quite eagerly for the Surface Phone and the Surface Pro 5. Tech enthusiasts have been throwing out innumerable theories, expected features and specs for future Surface devices. Surface fans were hoping that at least one of the devices would be released by before this year ends. But, they are going to be disappointed, if this report turns out to be true.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and the Surface Phone may be announced as early as February next year, as per The Bitbag. This could be the best New Year surprise Microsoft fans could ever think of, and be a double bonanza for them. But the firm has not made any official announcement on the given news and this is somewhat disappointing for its fans.

For Microsoft, the Surface Phone could be the last chance to take a hit at the iPhone. Moreover, this product may support full versions of Windows software on an ARM processor. We expect the tech giant to release the Surface Phone in various models to cater to the specific needs. The Surface Phone is expected to arrive in consumer model as well as business model.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 – expected specs

The Surface Pro 5 is expected to be powered by Kaby Lake processor of Intel. From the current Skylake chipset, this is certainly an upgrade. As per the rumors, the Surface Pro 5 will not only feature the Kaby Lake processor, but also over 12 GB of RAM. In addition, the device may come packed with a Surface Pen as well. As per the report by iTech Post, the new device may also include USB Type-C ports and a new dock that will charge the Surface Pen.

As per the tech enthusiasts, the company will also go for a major display upgrade, and could surprise fans with a 4K/UHD display feature with a screen resolution of 3860 x 2560 pixels. Unsurprisingly, it all comes with a price and the Surface Pro 5 will carry a hefty price tag. The primary model of the Surface Pro 4 sold for $899. Depending on the configuration, the price went up to $2,000.

Any specific date for the devices has not been given yet. Interestingly, it also means that Microsoft Corporation wants all eyes on its two devices simultaneously. Source: learnbonds