NASA hiding evidence of life on Venus? Alien hunters claim discovering alien cities, artificial structures


NASA hiding evidence of life on Venus? Alien hunters claim discovering alien cities, artificial structures : NASA itself has been conducting several mission to search for alien life on other planets, including Mars and Venus. However, conspiracy theorists never fail to blame the American space agency for hiding facts about extraterrestrial life.

A recent story published in the Daily Star suggests that alien hunters have found yet another reason to blame NASA. According to UFO enthusiasts, an entire alien civilization with huge cities and artificial structures can be seen in photographs of Venus captured by Magellan probe, which was launched by NASA back in 1989.

Conspiracy theorists believe that the satellite images of dry and hot planet Venus captured by the probe indicate how advanced their civilization is. They believe that these images act like a concrete evidence that there is life on other planets too, especially Venus.

The explanation provided by the UFO hunters suggest that Venus could be inhabited by aliens, who have the potential to survive such an inhospitable environment. Venus is hotter than Earth and its dry environment would otherwise discourage survival of any form of life that exists on Earth.

The Megallan probe was launched by NASA with an aim to gather information about Venus. Launched back in 1989, the probe entered the atmosphere of the planet in 1994.

The alien hunters claim that as a part of the mission, the probe collected a huge number of photographs of the planet, the ones that were recently published by NASA. The existence of alien civilization on the planet is evident from the complex buildings and structures that they have created, they claim.

Meanwhile, NASA has not officially responded to these claims. This is not the first time that the American space agency is being blamed for hiding facts about extraterrestrial life.

In the past, NASA has been blamed several times for cutting live feed from the ISS upon appearance of a strange object. According to Nature World News, one such incident took place recently.

Conspiracy theorists believe that these strange objects are nothing but UFOs. They further claim that NASA does not want anyone to know about alien life and that is why they hide facts from the public. Source: hngn