21 Times Google Earth Discovered Something Terrifying


21 Times Google Earth Discovered Something Terrifying : A building shaped like a swastika, the son of God’s face in a field and a very disturbing lake in Iraq… You’d think that searching on Google Maps would be a rather mundane task – but it is clearly full of surprises. These are just some of the bizarre images that have cropped up while trawling the search engine’s geo-location software. So if anyone can explain how a car was parked vertically on the side of a building in the Netherlands, please let us know.

Face of Jesus

There is no doubt in our minds that this is clearly an image of Son of God Himself, so we’ll be listing this field on ebay just as soon as we obtain the deeds. In the meantime we’ll be selling copies of this image for £1,000 each. That is, unless this isn’t Jesus?

Iraq’s Bloody Lake

This blood-red lake outside Iraq’s Sadr City garnered a fair share of macabre speculation when it was noticed in 2007. One tipster told the tech blog Boing Boing that he was “told by a friend” that slaughterhouses in Iraq sometimes dump blood into canals. No one has offered an official explanation, but it’s more likely that the color comes from sewage, pollution or a water-treatment process.

Clouded judgement

Clouded judgement: A strange formation appears in the sky over a town in Italy.

In plane sight

In plane sight: What this rather large aeroplane was doing among the trees in Brooklyn is anyone’s guess.

Funny bunny

Funny bunny: Just a regular field in Piedmont, Italy… that just happens to contain a 200ft-long pink knitted rabbit.