Nintendo NES Classic Edition news: Device already sold-out?


Nintendo NES Classic Edition news: Device already sold-out? : The Nintendo NES Classic Edition has been very popular holiday gift since it was released in the market. Now, the said retro console is reportedly already sold out.

Walmart will no longer sell the Nintendo NES Classic until further stocks are obtained, BGR has learned. Nintendo has been doing a lot of effort to supply the demand of the consumers, but it seems that buyers will not be able to avail the NES classic with its normal price. The NES Classic console is tagged at $60 in stores such as Walmart.

Other retailers are still selling the Nintendo NES Classic although the prices greatly vary while some have more expensive price tags, The Daily Dot reported. The third-party sellers like and Players Choice Videogames, offers the NES Classic Edition between $200 to $250.

Moreover, Amazon has third-party sellers too and the gaming console is sold at a steep price of $400 which is far from the original price set by Nintendo. Price gougers are taking advantage of those people who want to buy the Nintendo NES Classic before all the stocks are officially sold out.

Ebay is also a good alternative for gamers who want to buy the retro console without spending too much even though the prices are still double the original. The online resale shop has been selling Nintendo NES Classics at a lower but still expensive price tag of $143.

Craigslist might also be an option if the buyers are in a hurry to purchase the gaming console. Most of sellers are eager to meet in person to complete the trade deal but users still need to be cautious as the online trading and ads site is known for shady dealers.

Also, the chances of finding an NES Classic Edition in a far country might be slim. As for the price, the device on Craigslist ranges from $175 to $500, which is far more expensive than the retailers’ prices.

Nintendo has yet to announce whether the NES Classic retro console will be followed. There is also still no updates if the Japanese video game company will be replenishing the stocks up to 2017.