Samsung Releases A Software Update For Its Gear Fit2


Samsung Releases A Software Update For Its Gear Fit2 : Samsung Electronics has released a software update for the Gear Fit2 smart brand with new-fitness tracking options that would excel its quality for the users. Once the firmware update becomes available, customers will be notified in their smartphone´s quick panel, having the chance to install it on their bands through Samsung Gear app.

The Gear Fit 2 Will Now Be A Much Better Device For Its Owners

According to Tech Times, the software update for the Gear Fit2 will offers the option of stop tracking if its owner stops the activity via the new auto-pause feature, which will allow a better tracking precision, which is always extremely important for the fitness-minded customers. Of course, his option will begin tracking again automatically if it detects that the user has started its activity again.

Despite its amazing ability to showcase a higher level of tracking accuracy, this feature could be extremely useful for owners who previously had to customize the controls to pause and resume tracking. However, with this new feature they can do their activities without having to worry about pressing a button or being aware of the brand to see if it registered the exact time.

Great New Features For A Great Product

Without any kind of doubt, this an outstanding option that will separate the user from the machine without the necessity of not wearing it, since the Gear Fit2 will do the entire work while its owner just has to worry about making its physical activity the best way possible.

Samsung knew what it was doing and the users are feeling thankful. According to the International Business Times, another new functionality that the software update gives to the Gear Fit2 is Set, which streamlines the management of physical activies as squats, crunches and star jumps.

Believe it or not, the brand´s owners will be able to input the number of repetitions and sets per exercises, while the Gear Fit2 will just start tallying the progress, displaying break intervals between each set in order to help the user. Source: iTechpost