Six unsolved mysteries in history


Six unsolved mysteries in history : The history of mankind has been full of surprises, impossible achievements, and anomalous features that have left a mark on our civilization. While there are many things that history has helped us understand, there are some things that no one, not even mainstream historians have been able to fully understand. History has proven to be far more surprising than what many people believe. Here below we have 6 of History’s greatest mysteries that continue to baffle mainstream scholars.

The Piri Reis Map and the maps that predate it

There are a number of archeological discoveries that question our past, this is the case of the map which was found in 1929, during the restoration of the Topkapi palace in Istanbul Turkey, which describes in high detail the geography of the American Continent with such a precision that it looks as if it was put together with the aid of aerial photography.

However, the map was made at a time when mainstream history tells us there were no flying vehicles on Earth and mankind’s technology was very limited. The map composed by Ottoman admiral Piri Ibn Haji Muhiddin Memmed, aka Piri Reis is in fact part of maritime navigation collection called Bahriye which is basically composed by 210 partial maps, dated around 1513 and 1528.

The perfection and details displayed on the map have been the subject of debate for years among scholars who cannot understand nor explain how this map even exists. Today, numerous enigmas remain about the Piri Reis map, especially in regards of Latin America and the Southern regions of our planet.

This Turkish Admiral did not only draw the outline of the nearly unexplored South American region, detailing rivers, mountains and lakes that were believed to be unknown at that time in history, but he managed to accurately depict the geography of Antarctica, a continent that wasn’t officially investigated until the twentieth century…

The only thing we can conclude is that, somehow, someone knew how our planet looked like thousands of years ago from the air… and the Turkish Admiral managed to obtain this information and create the most enigmatic map we have discovered to date, a map that challenges history as never before.

The Shroud of Turin

The well-known Shroud of Turin is perhaps one of the greatest mysteries in modern-day history. According to claims from the Vatican, the Shroud of Turin isn’t an authentic artifact, but that hasn’t stopped people from further investigating the mysterious past connected with it. The imprint seen on the Shroud of Turin seems to depict the image of a bearded adult male.

On the surface of the Shroud traces of blood are seen which suggest whoever wore it had a violent end. Many researchers believe that the Shroud of Turin belonged to Jesus Christ. The weave of the fabric suggests that it dates back to the time of Jesus Christ and the blood patterns present on it indicate to crucifixion as cause of death.

While many people doubt that it was the burial cloth of Jesus Christ, there are many researchers around the world who firmly believe that Jesus Christ came in contact with the Shroud of Turin in the distant past. The biggest debate surrounding the Shroud is the date of origin.

Some scientists believe the shroud dates back to the 13th or 14 century, while many others believe it could be much older. Whether the Shroud of Turin belonged or not to Jesus Christ, it surely remains as one of the biggest mysteries in history.