UFO Attack: Turkey Experiences Mass Sighting as Twitter Covers UP incident


UFO Attack: Turkey Experiences Mass Sighting as Twitter Covers UP incident : sible extraterrestrial attack might soon be taking place. The mysterious objects, which were very similar in appearance to the famous Phoenix Lights incident back in 1997, have been sighted by witnesses all over the Middle Eastern country, resulting in the hashtag #ufoattacktoturkey immediately trending on Twitter. What was particularly disturbing, however, was the fact that Twitter immediately started removing photos and tweets related to the incident hours after the hashtag trended.

Despite the apparent Twitter censorship, however, the incident has captured the attention and interest of the whole world, with thousands of netizens reposting and sharing images and videos on social media. UFO analysts have weighed in on the mass sighting, with many expressing apprehension due to the content of some videos that were uploaded by witnesses online.

While some of the accounts from Turkey simply describe a conventional, harmless UFO sighting, others seemed to suggest that something far more ominous was taking place. One of the most notable ones was uploaded by Eren Dogan, who uploaded a video allegedly taken after the lights were spotted in Turkey’s sky.

After a few seconds, a loud bang reminiscent of an explosion was heard, almost as if something was fired and detonated. While the validity of the video is currently being questioned by skeptics, it does, nonetheless, provide an idea behind the events of Sunday night.

Apart from the massive explosion that was recorded on the video, another notable clip has been uploaded by YouTube user 1 Mn görüntülenme. The video, which ran for almost a full minute, showed the otherworldly lights pulsating from time to time. While the narration of the video was in Turkish, a rough translation of the uploader’s words stated that authorities have been informed about the incident.

“Alright, I’m trying to zoom in to show you now. It is November 28, 2016, Sunday night. It’s around 2:20 a.m. right now. The object you’re seeing is in the skies of Esenler (Istanbul). I’m recording it right now. Many people like me have crowded here. We’ve informed the authorities and they’ve told us they’re dealing with the situation. It is a yellow object. We suspect it’s a UFO. It gives off a light and is in motion. Right now it’s stationary actually but it moves position every few minutes. Very interesting.”