How to live through an alien invasion


How to live through an alien invasion : So aliens are poised to invade us, according to the White House. Stephen Hawking, Seth Shostack and Malcolm Robinson, founding members of Strange Phenomena Investigations (SPI), seem to be totally convinced about the eerie fact.

“These small grey creatures, that are roughly three-and-a-half to four foot tall, have a pear-shaped head and black eyes. These have been seen across the planet…” says Malcolm Robinson, to people gathered in the imagined Earth Space Defence HQ.

So do aliens want to destroy the earth? Perhaps.

But what would happen when aliens do come down to touch the Earth?

Nothing nice. “The planet would be a horrible place to live. It would be bad enough having to defend yourself from the threat of an alien menace without having to worry about your next door neighbour or who could come into your house. What would become of us?” Robinson ponders. “We’d either be subject to the control of our new masters or we would make peace with them.”

It’s important, then, to protect ourselves. There are various ways of doing it, and Steve Hart, manager of UK Preppers guide has made a list of them. He also adds that we haven’t armed or prepared ourselves for any kind of attack.

“I’m trying to cover all the bases,” he explains. “All the ‘what ifs’ in the most compact way possible that suits me.”

There could be humans in groups, or there could be individuals and lone wolves. You need to guard yourself carefully. Stack up some strong equipment, pave the way for ‘bug out’ locations to hide in and share knowledge among your network.