‘Pokemon GO’ Latest Update: Niantic Rolled Out Massive Global Change In The Game


#PokemonGO #Gaming – ‘Pokemon GO’ Latest Update: Niantic Rolled Out Massive Global Change In The Game : “Pokemon Go” fanatics will surely be hyped up for two new updates from Niantics. One is the Operation Portal Recon and the other is the release of “Pokemon Go” Shiny.

Through the Operation Portal Recon tool or OPR, the update is expected to have a massive impact in numerous PokeStops worldwide for it will let Ingress players submit new portal requests. As of now, “Pokemon Go” players are benefitting the 9000 new PokeStops, reported Daily Star.

This was already launched for “Pokemon Go’s” fellow AR game Ingress in Brazil and Korea. As it is already known to the Pokemon catchers that Pocket Monsters can be easily caught near PokeStops, those visiting Brazil or Korea might have a great chance of catching the Heracross or Farfetch’d which are only exclusive in the said regions.

On the other hand, Express noted that with the recent success of “Pokemon Go” Easter event, Niantic’s development team is in continuous pursuit in changing the core aspect of the game. A Pokemon Go Shiny event is set to be rolled out soon.

According to an expert from “Pokemon Go” Hub, some trainers reported through emails and Twitter that the wild Pokemon have no longer the same core stats for every player that encounters them rather it is now unique per player and it depends on the level where the player is currently at. Redditors on The Silph Road first reported this major change.

For instance, before, if a player will encounter a wild Dragonite with 90 percent IV, the next player that will catch it will have a 90 percent IV. This is without taking into consideration their trainer level. However, at present, the same wild Pokemon will show completely different IV’s, as well as moves and core stats with regards to the trainer lever of the player that encounters them.

There are also rumors that Niantic by be working on in a Legendary Pokemon event that would possibly take place later this year. During this event, BGR said that the new cooperative social gameplay experience would be launched and eventually be promoted. Right now, it appears to be a new raid function new gym features. source: mobilenapps