Samsung Next Galaxy Phone Reportedly Will Have Display Screens That Curves On All Four Sides


#SamsungGalaxyS8 #SamsungGalaxyS8Plus – Samsung Next Galaxy Phone Reportedly Will Have Display Screens That Curves On All Four Sides : 2017 seems to be the year for slim bezels and large screen-to-body ratios as the selling advantage of smartphones. In line with this, Samsung is said to release the next Galaxy phone with an all four sides curved display.

Android Authority via ETNews from Korea, said that Samsung is currently working on curving not only the left and the right side of the next Galaxy but as well as the top and bottom.

By doing this, the handset will be comprised of 98 percent screen. Galaxy S8 is made up of 83 percent screen, imagine how it would look if it is 98 percent. Larger screens with a smaller body have become a trend even for other mobile phone companies and to point out some, Xiaomi has the Mi Mix and LG has G6.

According to CNET, this technology sounds easy but it is really difficult to be done. The current lamination process of Samsung display, which is done by wrapping the four sides of the screen, however, it will create a blind spot in each corner and this will be considered just for the show.

This is because the corners will not register the touch. Apple is also taking into consideration the difficulty in the display lamination process. There might be a possibility that it would just stick to OLED screen flat for iPhone 8 and this rumor has long been circulating.

Screens that iPhone is currently using is sàid to be manufactured by Samsung Display and the two tech giants are reportedly working in resolving this problem, says The Verge. Aside from Samsung and Apple, it is also rumored that LG Display is currently thinking of possible ideas to integrate the four-sided curved display on their handsets. Presently, the company is said to be the one providing Xiaomi Mi Note 2 for its curved screen and the rumor continues on saying that it is ramping up the production.

Another issue that is expected to be faced by an all four sides curved display is that it might easily be shattered. Having more glass on the device will also mean more possibility to damage the screen. Those phones that shatter prone has a remedy through a protector or a case but it looks like it will not work out for a handset with four curved sides. Source: mobilenapps